I AM EXITED ABOUT SOOTHING YOUR BODY AND MIND! …and  I have worked a long way to my current profession…



I am an experienced and qualified practitioner and I love what I am doing now…

Initially I have been qualified and worked as a lawyer, but over the years I have felt that I am not using my full potential and I was born to do something more profound and significant in my life…In September 2001 I arrived in the UK and started my studies of Psychology. In 2005 I graduated from UEL with 2.1 in BSc (Hons) Psychology and I continued my studies for MSc in Health Psychology.

Meanwhile I have discovered COMPLEMENTARY and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and I have felt that this is the right way for me. I believe that the body & mind are intricately connected and a human being cannot be fully understood and helped without knowledge and skills about both, body & mind. Moreover, according to Peter A. Levine, Ph.D (a founder of Somatic Experiencing Therapy and the author of a book “Walking the Tiger”), “BODY SENSATION, RATHER THAN INTENSE EMOTION & THOUGHTS, IS THE KEY TO HEALING”.

Therefore, I have started my journey into the realm of COMPLEMENTARY and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE by qualifying as a massage therapist from I.T.E.C course and I have also completed further courses to acquire more skills, which enable me to perform advanced and deep tissue massage, including trigger point therapy for myofascial pain.

I have also expanded by knowledge and skills by working with Reiki energy and studying Hypnotherapy.

I am registered with the FEDERATION OF HOLISTIC THERAPISTS http://www.fht.org.uk/ and COMPLEMENTARY & NATURAL HEALTHCARE COUNCIL https://www.cnhc.org.uk/ and I am insured with HISCOX for my massage treatments. Please scroll down this page to see the above documents.

I have been told by my clients that I have excellent sensation in my hands and that my hands are becoming very hot (“like radiators”) during my massage treatment. I believe that I can provide you with the excellent massage, which will energize and rejuvenate your body and mind.